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I started losing hair since I was 22 years. I had, since, tried many oils and lotions which claimed to get my hair back. But nothing worked. I started becoming conscious about the way I looked. I felt I looked much older than my age. I tried diffrernt hairstyles to cover the bald area but it was still visible. I wanted a permanent solution. I then met Dr. Aanchal. She told be about hair transplantation and the BEST technique. I underwent the procedure last year and I must say I am amazed. My hair looks absolutely natural. I can style it the way I want. Dr. Aanchal gave my confidence back. Thank you, Dr. Aanchal.

Suneet Shah, New Delhi

Dermafollix changed my life. I am very thankful to Dr. Aanchal for performing the best hair transplantation I could imagine. My look has changed. I feel more confident about myself. Thank you Dr. Aanchal and the entire team at Dermafollix for such brilliant work.

Vivek Kumar, New Delhi

I was frustrated with my baldness. Nothing seemed to be working. I tried many medications and had given up on the possibility of ever having hair again. I had visited a few hair transplant clinic but they were very commercial. They quoted exhorbitant prices and were not convincing. I then came across Dr. Aanchal. She completely changed my perception of hair transplantation. For the first time I weas convinced that this will work and that I should go for it. Today after a year, I couldn’t be happier. I love the way I look now. I did get a “new learse on life” as the slogan goes. Thank you Dr. Aanchal Panth.

Vijay Shah, Jaipur