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BEST Technique

BEST stands for bio-enhanced simultaneous transplantation. It is a refined version of follicular unit extraction. It ensures least graft transection, delicate graft handling and plantation all contributing to excellent results. In this technique, we transplant the grafts as soon as they are harvested in order to improve the survival of grafts. The process of extraction and plantation are performed simultaneously. We combine this process with bio enhancers which hasten the growth of grafts and improve graft uptake.


  • A faster technique. Able to harvest large number of grafts in a single session as plantation is done immediately which saves time
  • Grafts are outside the body for minimal time as extraction and plantation proceeds simultaneously
  • Minimal time of storing grafts in a solution
  • Combination with bio-enhancers and light therapy improves graft survival and growth.
  • Results are seen earlier than with other methods.
  • Delicate plantation with 0% injury to grafts.
  • Entire procedure done by expert doctors.

Points of Difference BEST Technique FUE
Graft survival maximum compromised
Graft storage 0-5 minus Few hours
Graft harvest Faster Time consuming
Shedding of hair after procedure Less More
Plantation Delicate, least trauma Can be traumatic
Doctor’s involvement 100% 60-70%
Outcome/ Result of hair transplantation Faster better results Slower results as compared to BEST
Points of Difference BEST Technique FUT
Pain No to minimal discomfort painful
Bleeding less More
Visible scar none Linear scar seen
Recovery after procedure Faster recovery Slow as large wound takes time to heal
Graft damage Nil to minimal higher
Doctor’s involvement 100% 50%
Outcome/ Result of hair transplantation Faster better results Slower