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Hair Transplantation of Beard and Moustache

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Hair transplantation in beard and moustache


Hair transplantation can also be done in the beard in the following conditions:

  • Thin beard: some men have thin fine hair in beard area. They are not able to grow their beard as it appears sparse and sometimes patchy. Hair can be transplanted in these areas to restore a full bearded look.
  • Tractional alopecia: This is seen in the sikh community where they tie the beard tightly to set it. This leads to loss of hair in the area where maximum tractional force is applied.
  • Resistant alopecia areata: Cases of recalcitrant stable alopecia areata can also under hair transplantation to restore hair in beard area. The disease should be stable for atleast 1 year before surgery. This decreases the chances of activating the disease.
  • Post traumatic scar: Any form of scar which has left a hairless area in the beard can be camouflaged with transplantation of hair over it. The scar becomes unnoticeable.


Moustache reconstruction can be done in following conditions:

  • Thin moustache: Some men have thin moustache which is lightly pigmented.
  • Resistant alopecia areata: Same as in beard.
  • Scar due to cleft lip: Cleft lip is a congenital condition where in the upper lip does not fuse in the midline or at the sides. This lead to a gap in the lip sometimes extending into the palate. The repair of this condition can lead to a linear scar which appears as a hairless area in the upper lip. Plantation of hair in this area camouflages the scar and gives good cosmesis.

FAQs on hair transplantation in beard and moustache

  • How many hair will be required for reconstruction?
    It depends on the area to be covered and the density required. For beard, one side complete restoration requires about 2000 grafts. Moustache reconstruction in entire upper lip requires about 300-600 grafts.

  • Where will this hair be taken from?
    Hair for beard will be taken from the scalp or beard below the chin area and neck. For moustache, it is best  to use beard hair present under the chin.

  • Will they grow normally?
    Yes, they will grow normally.

  • Can I shave them?
    Yes, you can. Roots are implanted inside the skin. Hence, shaving will not damage the follicles.

  • Will they match and blend with the existing hair?
    If the surgery is well performed, the hair will blend with the existing hair.

  • How long will they take to grow?
    The growth will start in about 3 months. It will take about 6 months for full growth.