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Hair Transplantation in Female

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What are the conditions in which hair transplantation can be done in females?

  • Focal thinning of hair
  • Stable scarring alopecia
  • Forehead too high
  • Any scars on hair bearing area

Conditions in which hair transplantation not a feasible option:

  • Diffuse female pattern hair loss: hairline is intact
  • Rapidly progressive scarring alopecia
  • Non scarring alopecia

How is female hairline different?

  • Position is lower
  • Lower hairline acceptable as chances of recession in future is markedly less than male counterpart
  • Shape is straighter
  • Higher incidences of cowlicks, widows peak, lateral mounds
  • Hairline transition zone is wider and more see through
  • Change in angle of hair is much more prominent than in males

Why do many surgeons not attempt transplantations in females?

It is technically more challenging. The creation of slits for plantation of hair is more complex due to rapidly changing direction. The hairline should be created to perfection as is it visible while tying the hair back.  The grafts should be harvested by window trimming as trimming whole head is not acceptable to most.

Is hair transplantation in females successful?

Yes, it is. When done in expert hands, excellent results can be obtained provided there is adequate donor hair for grafting.