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Medical therapy

There are only two FDA approved effective medical therapy for hairloss and they are minoxidil lotion and finasteride .


It is an effective drug to be applied on scalp. The exact mechanism of action is not known but it is thought to increase blood supply to hair follicles. This potentiates hair growth and converts the thin miniaturised hair to become thicker.


It is available in many formulations (lotion, foam) and concentrations(2%, 5% and 10%). The 5% lotion is the most commonly prescribed.


It should be applied twice daily to get maximum benefits. But apllying it atleast once a daiy for atleast 3-4 days in a week is better than no therapy. We encourage patients to be as regular as possible with this therapy. Er washing the hair in the morning.

1-3 pumps should be taken depending upon the area of baldness. It should be applied to the scalp and massaged lightly. It should be applied after.

Side effects

Some patients complain of irritation and itching after application. This occurs as a result of alcohol present in,otions. Such patients benefit with foam formulation as they are better tolerated.

Overall it is a well tolerated medication


One must aplly it regularly for a period of 6 months to yield benefits. The results are visible after 3 months of continous use.


It is also an FDA approved medication for hair loss. It blocks 5 alpha reductase enzyme which converts Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This DHT hormone is responsible for hair loss. Finasteride reduces the level of DHT in the body and thereby improves hair loss. It converts the thin miniaturized hair into thicker terminal hair. The effects last for as long as the treatment is taken


It is usually given as a 1 mg tablet to be taken at night daily or on alternate days.

Side effects

The side effect of sexual dysfunction is more hyped than reality. It is more psychological as a result of expecting the side effect to occur and anxiety toward it. It is a well tolerated drug. It is contraindicated in women of child-bearing age.

Low Level Light Therapy

Light therapy is a relatively new treatment modality for hairloss. It has been found that red light at a wavelength of 630-660nm stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle. This shifts the hair from static or shedding phase to growing phase. There is increase in blood flow to the scalp upon exposure to this light therapy. This improves hair growth. Hence, apart from cases of hair fall, it is also given in post operative cases of hair transplanatation as it improves graft survival.

It also soothes an itchy scalp.

Dose and duration

LLLT should ideally be administered 3 times a week for 20-25 mins.


One can notice reduction in hair fall after 4 -6 weeks of therapy.

Side effects

It is a very safe therapy with no side effects.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

There has been an ongoing serach on reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. Of the many innovations, Platelet Rich Plasma has emerged as an effective therapy for hair loss.

Mechanism of action:

Platelets on activation release growth factors which potentiate hair growth and wound healing. In PRP, the concentration of platelets is higher than in blood. This platelet concentrate releases a large amount of growth factors and or chemical mediators. Hence, when injected locally it procedures beneficial effects.

Dose and duration

We withdraw 20-40 ml of blood and inject the platelet rich concentrate into the scalp with 30G needle.It can be a solo treatment or in combination with hair transplantation.

It is given at monthly intervals for the first 3 months and then once every 3 months for 3 sessions. Further maintenenace sessions may be given at 6 monthly interval depending on requirement and response.


  • Male pattern hair loss
  • Thinning of hair in females
  • As an adjunct to hair transplantation

It is also used for other dermatological indications such as facial rejuvenation, wound healing etc.

Side effects

It is a well tolerated therapy with minimal or no pian. We give it under vibrational or local anaesthesia depending on the patient tolerability.

As the patients own blood component is injected, there are no side effect. We take strict aseptic precautions while performing the procedure.

You could call us at 7046067000 for any additional information required on PRP therapy.

Life Style Modifications

One can never overlook the effects of lifestyle on health. The choices we make have a bearing on all aspects of our health incuding skin and hair. WE must understand the importance of approaching hairfall

Inculcating exercise (for atleast 30 minutes a day) into your daily life can yield good results.

Practising yoga helps to calm the mind, de –stress and also make the body stronger.