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Cost of Hair Transplantation

Fortunately, due to advances in the field of hair restoration, this procedure has become cost effective. We are not the cheapest hair transplant clinic neither the most expensive. We  provide the best quality of care without quoting exorbitant price. You can be assured to receive value for money at our center. We offer all inclusive prices with no hidden costs.

Our doctor is highly trained at performing hair transplantation with intricate details giving very natural results. You will be given the highest quality care in a comfortable atmosphere.

Follicle & Graft

It is important to understand the difference between the terms  follicle and graft. A follicle refers to a single hair.  Hairs are present in the scalp in units ie in bunches. A bunch of follicles is a graft. A graft can contain 1-4 follicles i.e. on an average 2.5 hair.

As some clinics quote the price per follicle while others quote per graft, there is confusion amongst patients regarding the pricing. At, Dermafollix, we quote prices per graft that is an average of 2.5 hair follicles per graft. For example, if we plant 1000 grafts, we are actually transplanted 2500 hair follicles.

What is the cost of hair transplantaion?

The cost depends upon the following factors:

  • Grade of baldness: Higher the grade of baldness, higher is the number of grafts
  • Outcome expected: If one desires only sparse coverage of scalp, then lesser number of grafts are required. If you expect good natural lookig density, then larger number of grafts are required
  • Harvesting body hair: It is technically challenging to harvest hair from sites other than scalp. It requires more time and effort. In patient with sparse hair in scalp, we will have to harvest hair from sites such as beard, chest, axilla etc.
  • Corrective surgeries: Correction of a previously poorly performed surgery requires a lot of skill and expertise.

The cost of surgery can only be determined only after complete evaluation of the patient and his expectations.

At dermafollix, the cost is inclusive of all charges and also includes post operative medications and free consultations for follow up. There are no separate OT charges or medicine charges taken.

Why is there a cost variation amongst centers?

There are a number of factors:

  • Doctor’s qualifications: Doctors with M.D (Dermatology) or MCh (Plastic surgery) have the required training and expertise to perform hair transplantation. Unfortunately, many non-qualified persons are doing hair transplantation today. Some are not even medical doctors with MBBS degree. Certain national clinic chains have only technicians performing hair transplantation without the supervision of any doctor. At our clinic, only trained, qualified and experienced doctors perform hair transplantation.
  • Expertise and experience of doctors: Inexperienced doctors or non medical persons in this field usually charge less.
  • Investment in marketing and advertising: Certain centers spend a large sum of money in marketing their practise. They then tend to recover these costs from the patient.
  • Services: Cost varies according to services provided. It depends on how comfortable your experience is made, how trained the staff are ad how seamlessly the whole procedure was conducted.