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Correction of poorly done hair transplantation

Hair transplantation requires skill and knowledge. Today, there are many hair transplant centres performing hair transplantation with little knowledge about the field. This leads to poor results and patient dissatisfaction. We encounter many such cases in our practise.

At Dermafollix, we perform corrective hair restoration surgeries as well.

Cases which require reconstruction:

  • Defective Hairline:
    - Hairline design looks unnatural: if the hairline is too straight with no irregularities, it looks unnatural and doll-like.
    - Hairline place too high: Placement of the hairline too high. This makes the forehead appear large. It also continues to make the patient bald.  It defies the purpose of getting the hair transplantation.
    - Hairline placed too low: The patient must have undergone at surgery in his early 30’s. Now after a decade, the hairline appears unnaturally low and looks odd. We can correct it by removing the follicular units and re shaping the hairline.

  • Compromised Density:  The hair after transplantation may look very sparse. In some cases the scalp is still visible. This can be corrected by planting the grafts in between. It requires immense skill as it has to be done without damaging the existing grafts.

  • Pluggy Appearance: Previously larger punches were used for hair transplantation. These were extracting multiple follicular units containing 8-9 hairs per graft. This gives an unnatural look with hair appearing in bunches and wide empty spaces in between individual grafts.

  • Wide Scar After FUT: Patients who have undergone strip technique of hair transplantation, have a linear scar in thier occiput. If the incision is closed under tension, then there can be a wide scar. Hair can be transplanted in this scar to make it less perceptible.

  • Bushy Temples: normal temples have fine light coloured hair. If too high density is given and thick hair are planted in the temple then the temple appears bushy. This can be corrected to give a softer look.