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Importance of choosing the right hair transplant doctor

For most people, hair transplantation is a “once in a lifetime” procedure. It is important to chose the right doctor for the procedure. A well done procedure can completely change your look and restore confidence. A badly done procedure can be an eye sore and is difficult to correct.

  • Limited graft supply:  The number of grafts in a person is limited. Grafts must be treated with extra care so that each transplanted hair grows. If hair transplantation is done by inexperienced individuals, not only do the hairs not grow but this also leads to loss of donor.
  • Scarring in donor area: Reharvesting from an area where grafts have been taken out previously is difficult. The scars of previous surgery can cause the hair follicles to bend. This makes extraction difficult.
  • Scarring in recipient area: injury caused to the recipient area while making slits causes minor scarring. If the planted grafts do not grow or are impacted, then this leads to larger scars in the area. This hampers growth of grafts placed.
  • Loss of time: The time taken for recovery and growth is wasted as the whole process may need to be repeated again.
  • Financial loss: Hair transplantation is not a cheap procedure. If done by inexperienced individuals, money spent is a loss.

How to choose a hair transplant doctor

Hair transplantation is a procedure which one undergoes only once in a lifetime. It is important to get the procedure from an experienced doctor who is an expert in the field of hair restoration. The result of surgery is greatly influenced by the skill and knowledge of the operating surgeon.

A hair transplantation surgery is considered good when it is seamless and artistically designed to mimic natural pattern of hair growth.

Before deciding your hair transplant surgeon, you must focus on the following arena:

  • Experienced doctor from a reputed institute with high ethical standards
  • Doctor should show you multiple before and after photographs which displays high quality of work.
  • The results of a successful hair transplantation should be judged on the basis of following parameters:
    Hairline: This reflects the artistry, experience and attention to detail of the doctor. Hairline is the most important part of hair transplantation. A well designed hairline imparts a natural look whereas if poorly designed it can be an eyesore.
    Density: Few patients are sceptical about getting the procedure done as they have been results of doctors who plant hair far apart from each other. It looks sparse and also unnatural. At Dermafollix, we restore near normal density with meticulous slit creation and dense packing of grafts.
    Natural look: Successful hair transplantation is the one which looks so natural that nobody is able to make out the hair are transplanted. This is what are doctors strive to achieve. Our results look absolutely natural and seamless.
    Crown: Creating a good crown design requires expertise and experience.
  • The doctor should be able to harvest adequate number of grafts from non scalp areas such as beard, chest, axilla, pubic area, legs arms etc. Beard is a very good source of grafts as the hair are thick, darkly pigmented and can be efficiently utilized to provide good density. They also grow well.  Hair from other sites serves as store for people with thin sparse scalp hair.
  • The doctor should tell you about all the options available for hair loss and let you take the decision. The doctor should not force the surgery upon you. The decision to undergo hair transplantation should be an informed one.
    The centre should have all the evidence based treatment for hairfall and not just do hair transplantation.