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It is a procedure in which hair taken from an area with permanent hair  and transplanted into a cosmetically important site.

It stands for Biologically Enhanced Simultaneous Transplantation. It is a refined version of Follicular unit extraction where we utilize many modalities to attain maximum graft harvestation and maximum hair growth.

The transplanted hair is taken from the permanent zone in the back of head. Hence, the likelihood of the hair falling is very less. In the event of progressive hair loss where in other senior male members have very less or no hair left in scalp, it can be lost.

The grafts are taken at random in such a way that one cannot make out the area from which harvesting was done. The hair density is not affected as long as 50% of the hair is intact.  There are around 40,000 hair on the back of scalp. We in general extract abiut 4000 hair. Hence, it is a small number and the existing hair provide enough coverage of scalp.

Yes it will. When done in expert hands, nobody will be able to make out you had a hair transplantation. Hairline design is key and when done properly give the most natural looking results.

It takes 3-4 months for growth to start. By 6 months there will be significant coverage. The maximum results can be appreciated by 9months to 1 year.

Yes it can be covered. We try to harvest maximum grafts from the scalp. The remaining can be taken from beard, chest etc.

No it will not happen. Over the years, with an improvement in technology, we have better tools available to provide natural looking results. Wtion which enables bettee have good magnification which enables better visualization than before. Hence, we are able to give very good natural density.

It depends upon the availability of donor area. If scalp has good donor area, high density can be given in a single session. But in case of poor donor, multiple (2-3) sittings will be required to give near natural density.
We are able to plant 2500-3000 grafts in a single day.

Yes, we do transplant in the crown area when required.

The grafts can be taken from other sites such as berad, chest, axilla, back and thighs. Beard serves as a very good donor. Hair from other areas can be harvested depending upon the quality of hair.