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DermaFollix Healthcare was established with the sole aim to provide excellence in hair restoration. Hair transplantation is a sought after procedure today. We wish to raise the standards of hair transplantation in the country by providing the best, most advanced and scientific technique.

Dr. Aaanchal Panth

Our Doctor

She is the chief hair restoration surgeon at Dermafollix hair transplant and skin clinic. She has completed her M.D from India’s most prestigious institute, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

She has preformed over 500 successful hair restoration surgeries. She is one of the few hair transplant surgeons in the country who have been able to successfully transplant as high as 9000 grafts in a single patient resulting in a very high density while giving a completely natural look. She has been able to achieve admirable results by obtaining grafts from areas such as the chest, beard and axillary regions in patients with deficient donor area. She is skilled in all aspects of hair restoration from slit creation to harvesting grafts, extraction and plantation.

She has also transplanted hair in female patients with female patterns hairloss and cicatricial alopecia with good results in both conditions. Her academic inclination and refined clinical skills have made her a sort after hair transplant surgeon in Gujarat.

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I started losing hair since I was 22 years. I had, since, tried many oils and lotions which claimed to get my hair back. But nothing worked. I started becoming conscious about the way I looked. I felt I looked much older than my age. I tried diffrernt hairstyles to cover the bald area but it was still visible. I wanted a permanent solution. I then met Dr. Aanchal. She told be about hair transplantation and the BEST technique. I underwent the procedure last year and I must say I am amazed. My hair looks absolutely natural. I can style it the way I want. Dr. Aanchal gave my confidence back. Thank you, Dr. Aanchal.

Suneet Shah / New Delhi

Dermafollix changed my life. I am very thankful to Dr. Aanchal for performing the best hair transplantation I could imagine. My look has changed. I feel more confident about myself. Thank you Dr. Aanchal and the entire team at Dermafollix for such brilliant work.

Vivek Kumar / New Delhi

I was frustrated with my baldness. Nothing seemed to be working. I tried many medications and had given up on the possibility of ever having hair again. I had visited a few hair transplant clinic but they were very commercial. They quoted exhorbitant prices and were not convincing. I then came across Dr. Aanchal. She completely changed my perception of hair transplantation. For the first time I weas convinced that this will work and that I should go for it. Today after a year, I couldn’t be happier. I love the way I look now. I did get a “new learse on life” as the slogan goes. Thank you Dr. Aanchal Panth.

Vijay Shah / Jaipur


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